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Chris Cox Bail Bonds is a Los Angeles based company; reuniting friends and family since 1981. We are licensed & regulated by the Department of Insurance.

In brief, a bail bond is a contract between a bail bondsman and the courts; in regards to releasing an individual accused of a crime. A Bail bondsmen will post the bond for the amount set by the court. The individual will typically cover a percentage of the bond. This is usually 10%; however, we offer other rates for homeowners. The indiviual is then required to appear in court, each time, they are ordered to do so by the judge. Once the case has concluded, the bond is exonerated & any collateral deposited will be released.

There are several High Profile Bond Agencies out there claiming to offer extremely low rates. Beware of these "come-on" practices that change upon arrival. You are better served, counting on a reliable bail agency; whom will provide you with the personal attention during this time of need.

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